Art Bell’s Wife Dies Unexpectedly

Two deaths of parents this year- one was my parent the other an inlaw parent. From all those family members that you had, YOU ARE THE LIVE ONE. Take advantage of that. Appreciate what you have and seek out for what you don’t. It’s a tragedy when siblings turn on each other. I wish I could fix each and every sad story I hear like yours. I have not called, texted emailed ANYONE in RI other than Joe and Rob who stay in contact with me.

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  • And even people who MAY want someone dead—hey, maybe they have their reasons.
  • Bragging about holding up his books!
  • Thank you so much for validating all my feelings and confusion.

I didn’t make it to the hospital to say good bye, but I did travel there. Planned and paid for her funeral. My brother and daughter all accusing me of doing this for myself. She’d probably still be in the morgue if it wasn’t for me. My father finally said thank you.

Others desire to expand the definition and push boundaries by creating work that has no established category. For those who object to a pile of dirt or mound of trash exhibited as art within a traditional art space, would you also object to a photograph of a mound of dirt or trash being called art? There are photographers and painters whose subjects are the refuse of our culture. Does it lessen their work because the subject is not lofty?

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And as long as Clear Channel and Art, himself, make a buck. I really don’t know what to believe any more. Maybe the rumors of Art really giving disinformation to make the real people in the paranormal community look studip true?

Make Art Until Somebody Dies

Who wouldn’t after having to live with this self-centered jerk. Too bad life will go on like a deathrow prison sentence for one young woman. Definately another thing from the interview that should have raised red flags. I can’t believe I forgot about that. I think I was so weirded out by other stuff he said like how he claimed not to know that his brother inlaw died of asthama and not mentioning his son and telling all the gory details.

Art may refer to a particular cultural expression as in a work of art or it may refer to a particular skill as in the art of cooking . Frankly we don’t have to like everyone’s art…we’re certainly entitled to our own opinions…so we don’t have to put it on our walls. But let’s try to understand that, just because we may not understand or like someone else’s artwork doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of the term «art.» As to your question, Susan, I think it is Humans who define art.

The entire story he so pathetically sniveled about, after Ramona died didn’t seem to fit. The poverty is saddening and the fact that there are «ugly americans» willing to take advantage of these people makes me as an American ashamed. Well, I can see that the people from FF are trying to shut down free opinion as posers of racism and bigotry.

I wanted to fix it before he passed and I know I could’ve tried harder, but I was torn between that and wondering if he was even worth it. Now, a few months later, I regret not being the bigger person and trying harder. Sometimes you have a bad or complicated relationship with someone, but other people in your life don’t. After that person dies, you may be left to sort through complicated negative feelings, while others work through more traditional grief feelings. This disconnect can leave you feeling isolated and alone, and also ill-equipped to support your grieving family and friends.

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Brian, I feel that often people respond to forms of expression that they do not understand with fear. It’s hard for me at times to appreciate certain pieces presented as art. But if I am honest, it has everything to do with my own biases. That is kind of what art is all about in the end.